SID/SRB Appointment System


The OAS provides applicants a convenient and secure way of setting an appointment by providing available slots for schedule and preferred MARINA offices/site. OAS allows real-time and automatic confirmation of appointments without any staff action. The data inputted by the applicant in the Online Appointment System will be captured in the Application Capturing and Biometric Enrolment System, thus, applicants are reminded to ensure all data inputted are complete and correct.

ePayment is currently in-process.

The following are the easy steps in making an online appointment.

a)     Select application type

b)     Set schedule by selecting preferred site, date and time slot

c)      Enter personal details

d)     Upload Scanned required documents

e)     Review and Submit

f)      Confirm appointment in email

g)     Print application form

Please read the following requirements of the MARINA SID/SRB Online Appointment System before getting started.

1.      A working computer with internet access.

2.      A Web Browser. The web browsers that are currently supported are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

3.      A valid and working email address to receive system generated messages such as email notification. Gmail or Yahoo! accounts are recommended for the time being.

4.      A PDF reader and working printer to view and print the system-generated application form in A4-size paper.