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Welcome to the MARINA SID/SRB Online Appointment System!

The MARINA SID/SRB Online Appointment System (OAS) allows seafarers’ to conveniently and securely book an appointment to apply for SID/SRB in designated MARINA offices.

To find more information regarding SID/SRB and the Online Appointment System, please visit our FAQ menu.

Please read the system requirements of the MARINA SID/SRB Online Appointment System in our About menu before getting started.

Important Information:


The MARINA SID/SRB Online Appointment System is part of the new MARINA SID/SRB System. The MARINA SID/SRB System is an integrated seafarer identity document issuance system for both the SID and SRB. Its main objective is to support the processing, production and issuance of the SID cards and SRBs.

SID Issuance Only

The MARINA SID/SRB System will initially issue SIDs. The MARINA MISMO currently processes SIRB and will continue to do so until the supply of the booklets used for the SIRB is fully consumed. This means that processing for SID and SIRB is currently serviced by both MARINA SID/SRB and MARINA MISMO systems, respectively. Seafarers have to create an appointment in MARINA SID/SRB OAS for SID and MARINA MISMO for the SIRB. MARINA will provide advisory when the issuance of SRBs are switched over to the MARINA SID/SRB System before the end of the year.

Pilot Implementation

The new MARINA SID/SRB System is currently in pilot implementation. The pilot implementation is a small scale production implementation of the system for a few weeks. During the pilot, the number of SIDs to be issued is limited and only available in selected MARINA office sites, NCR-Central and NCR-SM Manila. After the pilot implementation, full scale production of the MARINA SID/SRB System that involves adequate capacity issuance of SIDs/SRBs in all MARINA Satellite and Regional Offices will commence.

Regional office Implementation

The MARINA SID/SRB System implementation includes the MARINA Satellite and Regional Offices. MARINA will provide advisory with regard to the start of the issuance of the SID in Regional Offices.